We know that planning a wedding in Banff can be overwhelming. We have a team with years of experience and knowledge to help you every step of the way.

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions to get you off to a head start.

We would also be happy to set up a discovery call to answer more specific questions related to where you are travelling from and the type of celebration you are planning.

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Legally you could get married the same day as you arrive! However, we recommend you have a couple of days to get used to any time change and orient yourselves.

How long do we have to be in Canada before we can get married?

Calgary International Airport. You can pick up an airport shuttle or hire a car from Calgary. Transfer times: to Canmore/Banff 1 ½ hours, Lake Louise 2 hours – they run hourly from early am to late pm.

What is the closest international airport to fly into?

COVID has certainly thrown a wrench into many wedding plans. If COVID restrictions require us to make some changes, we will work together to ensure a seamless experience and work to minimize inconveniences. 

What happens if we need to reschedule our wedding due to COVID?

Yes. You get to choose every detail of your wedding. It's up to you to be highly involved in the process or entrust us with the decisions and just show up. We are happy to make recommendations on trusted vendors with excellent reputations but you are under no obligations to go with them and you will have every opportunity to meet and vet the vendors before making any commitments. 

Do we get to choose our wedding vendors?

No problem. We are happy to connect with your photographer to ensure all the details and logistics are ironed out. When you book with us, we can make  multiple wedding vendor recommendations based on your style or you are welcome to seek out your own. 

What if we have our own wedding photographer?

Whether you’re dreaming about getting married in Banff, Lake Louise or any other mountain town, each season is beautiful in its own way and comes with its own list of benefits. Check out our blog 'The Best Time of Year to Get Married in the Canadian Rocky Mountains' for more insight.

What is the best time of year to get married in Banff?

The biggest expense to get married in Banff is the cost of your venue and food and beverage. This expense is determined by your guest count. It is possible to get married for a low budget, but your best option is to have a micro-wedding or elope instead.

How much does it cost to get married in Banff?

Unfortunately, this is the hardest question for us to answer. The weather in the Rockies is variable to say the least. You can search for the month averages, and expected snowfall, but if you are getting married in Banff, you need to be prepared for weather to change daily. 

What is the weather like in Banff?

No. We want to be able to assist with any couple, elopement, wedding, or event if possible. We do our best to match you with vendors and/or venue within your budget. Although, keep in mind, some wedding vendors (photographers) have a minimum spend for Saturday dates during high season, and may not offer elopements on a Saturday.

Do you have a minimum spend or budget for weddings?

A huge bonus to being a local planning team, is our valuable partnerships with Banff venues, preferred wedding vendors, and hotel and accommodation options. We have preferred rates with multiple businesses and we can't wait to connect you with each and every one of them.

Do you have any preferred rates for hotels or other wedding vendors?

Kristin Nicol is our full time lead wedding planner. Our owner and assistant planner, Lindsay Copeland, is available to be on-site for larger events if required. We also have a part-time team of local experienced assistants that can help to execute on the day of events depending on the size of your event and the number of hands required on deck. 

How many planners do you have on your team?

One thing we value is transparency. We want you to know exactly where your wedding budget is being allocated. We have no hidden travel or accommodation fees, as we are local to Banff. If we have exceptions due to time of year or the location of your event, you will be aware of this up front.

Do you have any extra travel fees or hidden fees?

Most of our clients are planning a wedding from afar. This is our ideal client, as we are your boots on the ground, and your local connection to all the best vendors in our area. We make planning a wedding from the U.S. or U.K. or elsewhere, hands free and easy.

Do you work with clients from out of province or out of country?

Never. We are so passionate about helping any bride, groom, or couple plan the wedding or elopement that is perfect for them. This means, an intimate elopement for just the two of them, or a huge bash with 200+ guests at the Banff Springs hotel. We never judge you based on your budget, and we are here to help regardless if you hire us.

Is there a minimum wedding budget that you work with?

We are there on your day, on your team. We represent you, and act as the liaison between you and the venue. We work with the even venue staff to make sure your wedding flows seamlessly. The venue coordinator is there to represent the venue, and the food and beverage. They will not help setup decor or find your aunt who wandered off just before for family photos. 

What is the difference between you and our venue coordinator?

We are based out of Banff, Alberta, Canada. The heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. We are so lucky to live, work, and play in this beautiful area. We feel the mountains are where we feel the most inspired. So we stick to what we know best. If you are looking for a Calgary wedding planner, we can definitely recommend some incredible ladies out that way.

Where do you plan weddings? Do you travel?

Of course. It is unfortunate that this is still a question our couples still feel the need to ask. We welcome love in every single capacity. Please reach out and let us know how we can make your celebration of marriage extra extra special. 

Do you work with LGBTQ+ couples?

We sure hope so. But not always. We are confident that we are capable to plan and execute events of any size. We suggest you set up a short 15 minute discovery call to see if our personalities fit. We are not the right fit for everybody, but just like any other vendor, we think that chatting is the best way to find out.

Are you the right Banff wedding planner for us?

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