Planning a wedding in Banff, especially from afar, comes with a lot of moving parts. You likely will end up with endless documents, emails, files stored in Google Drive, wedding inspiration screenshots on your phone, budgets and guest lists in excel, and don’t even get us started on the numerous Pinterest boards. Wouldn’t it be nice to have everything in one place? We provide our clients with a customized cloud based planning platform that allows you to collaborate with our local planning experts, your wedding vendors, floral designers, and even your guests - seamlessly. Our platform keeps you organized, inspired, and enhances communication? Yup, it's pretty rad.

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online planning tools

online platform

Our interactive online design studio allows you to add inspiration photos, create custom colour palettes for your dream florals, bridesmaid dresses, centrepieces, and for your overall wedding aesthetic. 

Take a deep breath, you can finally keep all your photos and inspiration in one place so that your whole wedding vendor team can be on the same page.

Design Studio

it's time to be inspired

Is your Uncle Jim coming to your the wedding, is he bringing Aunt Sue? Did he text you to confirm his attendance, Facebook message your mom, or tell you 'Heck yes' over the phone? Never lose track again. 

Keep track of every invitation, guest RSVP, add their meal choice, mailing address, allergies, extra notes. We are telling you right now, it's life changing.

Guest List Management

who is ready to party

Creating the perfect seating assignment can be stressful. We just made it a whole lot easier. Our seating management system makes sure no guest is forgotten. Drag and move tables, keep families together, and have a visual layout of your tables. It can be easy, we promise.

Seating Charts

please seat yo self

It is important your wedding or elopement stays within your budget. Easily setup your wedding budget at the beginning of the planning process. We can easily account for adjustments as we make decisions on vendors, send deposits, and book all the exciting details. 

Budget Management

count your pennies

We will send you customized checklist for your specific event so you can stay on track. As you complete tasks, you can see your wedding planning process be completed. You can assign each item to a member of our planning team and comment with updates or questions. This way we are all always on the same page.

Customized Checklists

we all love a good list

Keeping track of your booked and pending vendors couldn’t be easier with our Vendor management tool. Easily upload related files, contact information and enter invoices and payment breakdowns that will automatically add to your budget and calendar for easy reminders. Like we said - everything is in one place.

Vendor Management

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