We are Kristin and Lindsay. Two mountain dwelling, adventure seekers who naturally connected people and created inspiring experiences before we knew it was called wedding planning! 

We have both lived in the Canadian Rockies for the last five years and share a love for supporting local. We take our jobs seriously, but not ourselves. We have so much fun brainstorming beautiful things together (normally at our favourite local cafes) and can't wait for you to join in on the good times. 

Planning weddings & chasing sunsets. 

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Our Approach

We're not like the wedding planners you've seen on TV. You know, the ones with the headsets, a million checklists and an uncanny ability to speed walk in stilettos without tripping. 

Aside from the checklists, which really are necessary, we do things differently and connect best with couples who want to approach their wedding unconventionally too. We value experience over production and aim to craft moments of meaningful human connection because that's what a wedding is all about.

We promise professionalism, honesty and transparency in our communication, pricing and service. 

To be completely honest, we're not like all the rest.

I believe the best things I’ve achieved in life have come from living outside my comfort zone. You can barely see my eyes when I laugh. I own more toques than I should. I can’t quote movies and likely won’t know your pop culture reference. I drink too much coffee, go to bed too early, and say ‘yes’ too often.

My journey in the local wedding industry first started in professional photography, which led me to this exciting journey as the new owner and assistant planner of Rocky Mountain Weddings & Events.

I have lived and worked in the Bow Valley for 5 years, and have accumulated a wealth of knowledge on unique locations and experiences for weddings in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

I spend most of my spare time documenting love stories with our sister company Rocky Mountain Photo Co., visiting my family back in Saskatchewan, golfing, camping, and enjoying this beautiful place I am honoured to call home.

I can’t wait to share more of my story with you.

Lindsay Copeland

Sipper of coffee and craft beer. Wearer of toques and Blundstones. Pup mom. Avid supporter of local food & local business. Part-time backcountry explorer.

My partner and I reside in Banff, with our pup Casey, and spend most of our spare time camping, hiking, and skiing. Hailing from Ontario, and always up for an adventure, I now know I was destined for the Rocky Mountains. 

My passion has always been people-focused. With over 10 years in the hospitality & events industry, I was very much attracted to engaging with people, understanding their needs and looking to go above and beyond to fulfill them.

Building and maintaining relationships is what drives my purpose as the lead wedding planner of Rocky Mountain Weddings & Events.

I can’t wait to connect with you, and help you plan your dream one-of-a-kind wedding or intimate elopement in Banff, Canmore or surrounding areas.

Kristin Nicol

Assisstant planner + Photographer

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