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Lilies and Lace Co

When you’re putting your hair and makeup in someone else’s hands for the most important day of your life, it can be a little nerve-wracking! You want someone who makes you feel comfortable, has taken the time to really understand what you want, and executes it with flawless professionalism.

That’s what Lilies & Lace Beauty Co. are all about! They’re an award-winning mobile hairstyling, makeup artistry and spray tanning company with artists based in Banff, Canmore, Cochrane, and Calgary. Sit back and relax in your home or hotel suite while they come to you and make your bridal beauty dreams come true!

Lilies & Lace Beauty Co. specialize in weddings but are available for any special event and any size party. We had a chat with their founder, Jordanna, to learn a little more about what they do and the amazing artists behind it all.

Tell us a little about yourself! 

I grew up in central Alberta and moved to Canmore in 2004 where I married my high school sweetheart. I started my family here and had my son in 2011. My first mobile wedding hair company “Jk Hair Designs” was started while on maternity leave from my 9-5 job!

Back then, it was just me and I only offered hair services. A few years down the road I rebranded to Lilies & Lace Beauty Co. to offer makeup & other beauty services. I brought on more team members slowly over the years. The demand was there and we continued to grow.

Family is the most important thing to me. In 2018, I moved to Cochrane so we could buy a house with a yard in a great family town near our loved ones. We’re close to the city, but we can see the mountains outside our window. We love it here with our 17-year-old cuddly old man cat and our 6-month-old giant Shapadoodle (Shepherd/Poodle) puppy – she’s already 52 lbs!

I’m also a lover of the great outdoors – hiking, camping, snowboarding, quadding – the list goes on! 

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How did you get started in hair & makeup for weddings?

A close friend of mine, Candice (who now works with me) started I believe the first-ever mobile wedding hair company in Canmore. She had a large party booked at Emerald Lake Lodge and needed a hand. She knew of my background in hair and asked me to help.

It was a snowy winter day and the road to Emerald was not plowed yet. I wasn’t sure exactly where this place was. But the minute we parked and walked across the bridge to the lodge I was blown away by the beauty there. We got to the cabin, set up and met the fabulous group of ladies we were there to help get ready. It was such a fun atmosphere and I realized how much I missed styling hair. After that wedding, I was hooked and had found my calling. 

What was your journey like when starting out with Lilies & Lace Beauty Co? How has the business grown?

Originally, it was just me and my company was called JK Hair Designs in 2011. I worked solo and offered only hair design, mainly for weddings. At first I started out with just a Facebook page, and then came my website. Then I partnered up with a few very talented makeup artists in Canmore/Banff and we’d refer each other. 

A few years down the road a lot of my brides were wanting to book both hair and makeup with one company. So I thought long and hard and decided to re-brand my company to Lilies & Lace Beauty Co. in 2015 to better represent myself and my brand. 

At the start it was just a few of us, all based in either Canmore or Banff. Then we started to gain momentum, exposure, and word of mouth continued to grow. We’re now at ten artists based in Banff, Canmore, Cochrane, and Calgary. I’ve also recently added a spray tan technician to our team! We service the Rocky Mountains, but now also central & southern Alberta. We’re even available for national and international weddings, too! 

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What wedding services/packages do you offer?

  • Hairstyling for both women and men
  • Makeup services
  • Airbrush tanning services

If a group of your girlfriends or your wedding party of 4+ people want to tan together, we offer the bride or the host a complimentary tan!

Have bridal hair & makeup trends changed a lot?

I myself am a hairstylist, so I can tell you that hair has changed over my 9 years of being in the industry. In 2011/2012 it was all about the “Jersey shore hair” –  almost every bride wanted the big bouffant hair. That definitely wasn’t my favourite trend and I’m happy it’s gone! 

Since then I’ve seen trends like lots of crown volume, side updo’s, and old Hollywood waves.

Over the last few years, it’s progressed to the more romantic and soft low updo, half updo’s or all down with waves or curls. I love where hairstyles are at now. It’s complimentary to each person, not severe, and in my opinion we won’t look back at the photos of the last few years and say, “what the hell was I thinking with that hairstyle?!” 

Trends come and go but a classic bridal look will always stay in style. We always tell our clients that you still want to look like yourself, just a bit more done up for photos.

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What is the biggest up and coming bridal beauty trend right now, in your opinion?

I prefer looks that enhance, rather than conceal, a bride’s natural beauty. Think soft hairstyles, and glowy natural makeup. But maybe with a pop of colour on the lips or shimmer on the eyes. 

I’m also seeing more brides with hair accessories with their veils, or even instead of a veil. It’s especially popular on darker hair. It’s often a hair vine, jeweled clips or hair combs or florals and greenery. 

How would you describe your philosophy when it comes to working with the bridal party ahead of the big day?

We try to get as much info as we can from the bride ahead of time. Being able to have a bridal trial before the big day is really nice for us and the bride. It allows us time to chat about her vision and get to know her, the bridesmaids and any family we’ll be meeting. 

We always send out detailed info before the day to explain what we need from each person. It includes how they should prep for us and asks that they bring a few inspiration photos which allow us to see each person’s interpretation of “messy or loose hair”, “natural makeup”, or “dramatic look”. Those terms can mean completely different things to each person. This prep allows the morning to run smoothly, on time, and as stress-free as possible.

What is the most common request you hear from brides regarding their bridal hair & makeup?

That they want to look like themselves but just a little extra. I mean we all want to look beautiful and feel confident, but kind of blow our partner away on our wedding day, right?! That’s where our expertise and guidance come in, and we love tailoring a look to suit each person.

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Styling & Design by Moments by Madeleine | Florals by Flowers by Janie | Hair Styling by Lilies & Lace  Bridal gown by Blush & Raven | Veil Designer by Daphne Newman Design | Jewellery by Joanna Bisley Designs | Model Miranda

What are the most frequently asked questions you hear from brides?

Are trials mandatory?

No, but we do highly recommend one if you are unsure of the look you want. It’s nice to just try out a few looks and be sure of the one you want for the big day.

Are lashes included?

Yes, we include false lashes in all our makeup prices if desired.

My hair is so thin and not as long as I was hoping, can I still wear an updo and it not look like I have no hair?

Yes, there are a few tricks and aids we can use. Often clients are blown away by how voluminous and full we can make a person’s hair look. Clip-in extensions are also a great tool you can look into.

I never wear my hair up, but I feel like I have to as it’s my wedding day and my dress designer told me I need to. 

Please, please go with a hairstyle that you will feel comfortable and confident in. That is the most important thing. If you never wear your hair up then it’s not a good choice on your wedding day. Chances are you won’t love it as you never see yourself that way. If showing the back of your dress is important to you, there are hairstyles we can do that compliment your dress, but you’ll still feel like “you”.

What is the most important advice you would give to brides when it comes to their wedding day look? 

This is YOUR day, not your mom’s, sister’s, aunties, etc. 

As with planning your wedding, make choices that make you happy regarding your hair and makeup. Try not to focus on anyone else. If you’re unsure of a look, then having a trial is a very good idea. It allows you to try out a few looks, or variations of looks, while not being in a time crunch. That way you know for sure what THE look is for you. 

Take into consideration: your dress, the type of wedding you’re having, and what you feel comfortable with. If you want to wear a cathedral veil, tiara and ballerina bun on your big day then do it! But if you’re more natural day to day, maybe stay away from a super glam look.

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What are some of your favourite products and brands to use?

A good hairspray that layers well, volume powder, dry shampoo and texture spray are essential in my kit. Personally I love Moroccanoil hair spray, it’s soft enough, layers well, and has such a lovely scent. The scent is a big factor to me when trying out and choosing new products. If it is too overpowering I don’t even try it, no one needs a headache from their hairstyle on their big day.  

Kenra texture spray is a must for those disheveled looks and bonus — it smells amazing! Schwarzkopf “Dust It” powder is my fave and I love Redken hairspray as well as “Guts”, one of their volume products. For dry shampoo I’m loving the Verb brand right now. It does a great job and the scent is very minimal. I have quite a few other products I use as well depending on the hair type, style and needs.

For makeup, I personally like Urban Decay, Lancome, Smashbox, Nars, Charlotte Tilbury, Stila, Bobby brown, Mac, Tarte… the list can go on and on. Makeup has really evolved over the last few years.

Everyone on our team uses professional products that we have tried and tested and work best in each of our opinions. Our kits are a labour of love and have been carefully chosen and tailored over the years. We’re all constantly trying out new products and playing with new looks.

Do you have any skincare or hair recommendations for brides in the lead up to their big day?

In terms of skincare – hydrate and take care of your skin! Find a great routine and product line with cleanser, scrub, toner, moisturizer, etc that works best for your skin type. Often the least ingredients listed in a product the better and most natural for your skin. The earlier you can start this before your big day, the better your skin will look. 

For your hair, get a fresh trim at least three weeks before the big day. If your hair is on the dry side do a good quality hair mask once a week the month or more leading up to your big day. Also, don’t forget about your scalp! Treat yourself to a professional scalp treatment at the salon. 

Most importantly don’t try a new product or brand in the weeks/days leading up to the big day. You don’t want to have a reaction to a product or have your skin flair up!

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What positive feedback do you hear most frequently from brides/bridal parties?

Some of the feedback we receive most often is that we have great customer service and communication with our clients and are very responsive to emails.

We’ve also heard many times that our looks are super long-lasting. Clients say that their look stayed perfect all day/night. Through wind, rain, snow. Some brides even get a couple of days wear out of their hair!

Clients also tell us about how comfortable they were and how they knew they were in good hands. Everyone in their parties was thrilled as we tailored each look to their features and preferences.

We listen to what each client says and ask lots of questions; both about what they want and what they don’t want to create the desired look.

Is there anything else brides should know about booking their hair and makeup with Lilies & Lace Beauty Co?

We strive to make each client happy and we’re not satisfied until that happens. We’re open, down-to-earth women who genuinely enjoy being a part of each and every bride’s big day, getting to do what we love. 

What their clients say:

My experience with Lilies & Lace Beauty Co was amazing. From the very start, Jordanna was so professional and easy to deal with. I opted for the Hair/Makeup trial and it was very helpful to figure out what suited me and what I actually wanted! The makeup trial and day of application went perfectly. Nicole is so talented and sweet. She made the Moms, who don’t usually use makeup, feel so comfortable and beautiful.

I loved my hair trial hairstyle, it was stunning, but when I got home I decided it didn’t look like “me” and although I loved it and it looked so elegant I wanted a higher updo. I was a little hesitant to tell Jordanna that it wasn’t what I wanted because I didn’t want to insult her beautiful work, but she was so understanding and understood exactly what I wanted. On the day, I was completely relaxed and Jordanna, being the hair master that she is, gave me the style that I wanted and it was perfect. I felt so beautiful that day and my hairstyle lasted the whole next day as well! Thanks so much, ladies.”

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It’s safe to say that no matter your style or bridal beauty vision, Lilies & Lace Beauty Co. will go above and beyond to achieve exactly what you had in mind.

Get in touch with Lilies & Lace Beauty Co.:

Visit their website here.

Check out their work on social media:

Instagram: @liliesandlacebeautyco

Facebook: @liliesandlacebeautyco

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Styling & Design by Moments by Madeleine | Hair Styling by Lilies & Lace  Bridal gown by Blush & Raven | Veil Designer by Daphne Newman Design | Jewellery by Joanna Bisley Designs | Model Miranda



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