Vendor Spotlight: Luxury Lashes in Canmore by Emerald Beauty

Ever thought about getting eyelash extensions in Canmore but you’re not sure where to start? Allow us to introduce Shannon Hinchelwood, the brains and talent behind “Emerald Beauty”!

Her premiere Eyelash Extension studio is located inside the Three Sisters Laser Clinic in Canmore. Specializing in everything eyelash + brows, Shannon quickly built up a loyal client base in the area. This is due in no small part to the excellent results she achieves, but also because of her excellent customer service and sunny demeanor.

We spoke with Shannon to learn more about the do’s and don’ts of lash and brow treatments!

Shannon’s Story:

Tell us a little about yourself! 

I’ve been living in the Mountains for the past five years to be closer to the elements as I have a passion for outdoor recreation. The Canmore/Bow Valley area is also where I’ve chosen to establish my successful and growing lash and brow business. I lived and worked in three different countries. before moving to Canmore but never lasted more than a year and a half anywhere else. Now, I’ve been here for three and a half years! It feels like home, thanks to the community, culture, scenery and wonderful people.

Being outdoors is my thing. I love cross country skiing, snowboarding, running, biking, hiking, yoga, and paddleboarding. My other loves include fine wine, travel, and of course, eyelashes!

How did you get started in lashes & eyebrow treatments?

After working as an HR Manager in Texas, I decided it was time to quit the corporate world and work for myself. One of my best friends owned an Aveda salon in Nelson BC. As soon as I arrived there I fell in love with the cute little town and free-spirited mentality there. I went from one extreme to the next and at that point, I realized the corporate world was no longer for me.

I always loved lash and brow treatments and had the perfect opportunity to slide right into a salon and start working. Getting lash and brow treatments always increased my confidence, so to provide that to other women was something I felt really connected with.

What was your journey like when starting out with Something about Shannon’s Lashes? 

I started out in a salon to gain enough knowledge of the beauty industry and lash + brow art. A year later, I moved to Canmore and worked a full-time job, doing lashes as a side gig out of my home until I was able to shift my attention fully to my business.

Eventually, I built enough of a clientele and reputation to hit the ground running! Word of mouth has been a huge factor in growing my clientele. My passion to help others feel more confident inspired me to keep going. I recently moved into a commercial space and have started collaborating with different businesses. I look forward to seeing what’s next!

brows and lashes in canmore

What beauty services/packages do you offer?

  • Lash Extensions, lifts + tints
  • Brow Tinting 
  • Henna Brow Tinting 
  • Brow Lamination
  • Brow Threading 

Do trends in lashes and brows change over time? 

All the time!

The lash and brow industry is a baby industry that is always growing. There are always hot new trends and styles to keep up with. Products just keep getting better and better. It is an exciting time in the lash and brow industry!

What is your favourite lash/brow treatment that you offer?

Volume lashes and brow lamination. 

They create the most dramatic effects, and I love a bolder look! I also offer soft and subtle treatments for the low maintenance babe.  

Which services would you recommend for brides/bridal parties/visiting guests who may only be in town for a few days?

Any of my services would be an awesome choice. All have instant results immediately following the treatment. All make you feel beautiful and leaving with a boost of confidence. 

eyebrow tinting Canmore

What is the most common lash/brow problem ladies come to you with?

Lots of women don’t know that to safely apply lashes, you need to stick to a certain weight and length ratio based on your natural lashes in order to wear them long term. 

Also, lots of women go to cheap salons first and therefore have a bad experience or possible damage to their natural lashes. Once they become more educated they typically stick with someone who has taken the time to explain the process in greater detail.  

What are the most frequently asked questions you hear from your clients?

How do I clean my lashes? How soon do I have to come back for fills? Are they safe? Will it wreck my own eyelashes? 

Correctly applied lashes will cause no damage to your natural lashes. 

Canmore lash extensions

What is the most important advice you would give about lash and brow care? 

Do your research before choosing a brow + eyelash tech! Great work ain’t cheap; cheap work ain’t great, so be wary of services at cheap prices.

What are some of your favourite products/brands to use for at-home lash & eyebrow maintenance?

Lashbox Shampoo is definitely a favourite! 

Is there anything clients should do to prepare their lashes/brows before their appointment?

Do your research to find out what styles you like. Do not wear any makeup to your appointment and do not use waterproof makeup or false eyelashes 48 hours prior to. 

What positive feedback do you hear most frequently from your clients?

My clients love chatting with me during their treatment, that’s something I often hear!

They also say that I create nice fluffy, natural-looking lashes, have a great eye for detail and that I’m awesome at brow shaping.

shannon hinchelwood

What clients say about Emerald Beauty:

“I have been going to see Shannon for the last three years after shopping around and trying multiple different lash artists! Not only is she incredibly flexible and accommodating with appointment booking, but she also caters to her client and delivers exceptional customer service. I have never been disappointed with my lashes! I value her talent so much that even when I moved out of the local area, I committed to driving 45 minutes to have her do my lashes because no one in the Calgary area has met my expectations. I’ll keep coming back! The best compliment is when people need to ask if I get my lashes done. To me, if someone needs to ask if they’re fake, they’re so natural looking that people have to take a second look—EXACTLY what I’m aiming for :). If you want great lashes, Shannon is must be your go-to!”
– Lindsay Fagan

“I didn’t know what good lash extensions were until I started seeing Shannon!! Her work is meticulous and lasts ridiculously long. Even after 2-3 weeks people often ask me “did you just get your lashes done?” Crazy!!! I can’t say enough great things about Shannon, she’s the best.”
– Victoria Stuart

If you want your bridal photos picture-perfect, eyelash extensions and brow enhancements are key. These treatments help to save time getting ready and provide a boost of confidence for your big day! There’s no need for waterproof mascara or false lashes – you can party the night away, shed tears of joy and you know your look will be as fresh as ever!

Get in touch with Shannon:

Visit the website here.

Check out Shannon’s lash + brow artistry on social media:
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