The Ultimate Guide to Getting Ready on Your Banff Wedding Day

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There are so many moments that make your wedding day special. From the rehearsal dinner to your first dance as newlyweds, it’s a time full of precious moments and highlights to remember. One of these moments is getting ready on the morning of with your bridesmaids, friends, and family around you. But a lack of preparation can make things pretty stressful. It’s a big day and emotions can run high. So to keep things calm on the morning of your Banff wedding, it’s best to be as organized as possible. That way, you and your bridesmaids can get on with having some fun!

For a destination wedding, you’ll want to be extra organized as you’ll likely be getting ready in the bridal suite of a hotel. The last thing you need is to have forgotten something that throws you off your game on the big day! So, to get you ready for your Banff wedding day, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to getting ready. 

Be prepared 

It goes without saying, but there is no such thing as being too prepared. Make a detailed list of everything you’ll need to bring with you to Banff. Start the list a couple of months out so you can add to it as you think of things.

The night before, get everything that you’ll need and have it laid out logically so everything will be at your fingertips the next day. When you wake up, the excitement will set in and you won’t be in the mood or the right frame of mind to start organizing! 

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Find a spot with lots of natural light

If possible, set up a mirror in a spot with lots of natural light. This is especially important if you plan on doing your own makeup. Natural light will give you the best view of how you look. It’ll also be easier to spot any creases or stains on your dress that need to be fixed before you leave.  

Give yourselves plenty of room 

When you’re setting up the night before, try to arrange it so that everyone has plenty of room to move around. Make sure there are plenty of plug outlets available for phone chargers and hair straighteners. It might even be a good idea to bring an extension cord!

Make a Banff wedding playlist

It’s the little things!

Making a playlist of all your favourite tunes is super easy to do and adds to the atmosphere! It’s also a fun activity that you and your bridesmaids can do together in the run up to the wedding. Just share a collaborative playlist together on Spotify and start adding all the songs that really take you back. You’ll be bopping around together to tunes from the good old days and having the time of your lives!

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Don’t forget to eat

We get it – the nerves are kicking in and the excitement isn’t exactly helping your appetite, but it’s important to eat something while you’re getting ready. The last thing you need is a headache or to feel faint by the time you get to the ceremony!

If the butterflies are making it hard, just have something light. Bring some yogurt and nuts or crackers to keep you going throughout the morning. Some bridal parties even organize customized pastries, macaroons, or donuts as a fun extra touch.

Hang up your dress 

One of the first things you should do when you wake up is to remove your dress and veil from the garment bag and hang them up. It will air out the dress and allow any creases to fall out, depending on the material. You’ll be able to spot any areas that need steaming and your photographer can capture some gorgeous shots of your dress ready and waiting for you!

Have a designated timekeeper

We all have that one friend who’s the “Mom” of the group. Hopefully, you’ve made that friend a bridesmaid! That way you can designate her as the timekeeper for the morning. As the bride, you shouldn’t have to keep checking the clock. Assign that duty to a specific, reliable person who can keep everyone on track.

Have an emergency kit ready 

Even with military level preparation, things can go wrong. But the organized bride has nothing to fear! Put together an “emergency kit” to cover all the scenarios you can think of where something could go wrong.

We recommend including these items: aspirin, needle and thread, fashion tape, safety pins, your nail polish colour of choice in case of chips, nail file, super glue, bobby pins, tissues, makeup wipes

Capture professional Banff wedding photos 

Formal wedding portraits are beautiful, but there are so many other moments you’re going to want to remember and this is one of them. So it’s a good idea to have your photographer arrive with about an hour left in your “getting ready” time.

They’ll be able to capture you and your bridesmaids having fun, the final touches to your makeup and those all-important detail shots that really round out a wedding album. 

If you haven’t had a chance to talk with a Banff wedding photographer yet, take a look at our handpicked and personally vetted list of the best the area has to offer.

Choose your hair and makeup artist wisely 

Whatever you do, make sure you choose a highly reputable hair and makeup artist for your Banff wedding day. You’ll want someone who will travel to your preparation spot, arrive on time, and who will stick to what you agreed with in terms of your hair and makeup look. They’ll have a lot to do between you, your bridesmaids, and any other family members she’ll be working on, so you want someone who can keep up a good pace.

Check out all the reviews you can find, and get to know them as well as you can beforehand. True professionals can handle the pressure and will be a calming presence on the day rather than getting flustered and stressing you out. 

Once you’ve chosen a hair and makeup artist, ask them for detailed advice on skin and hair prep. Depending on the hairstyle you want and your hair type, they may recommend shampooing the day before or that morning.

Rocky Mountain Wedding Collective represents the best in the biz when it comes to Banff hair and makeup artists. Check out our carefully curated list of trusted artists here.

All photographs by Twenty Twenty Photography.



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