Banff Proposal Inspiration: Jordan + Jill’s Unforgettable Day

Banff National Park is the ideal spot for more than just your wedding celebration. Many couples choose to return to this spot to say their “I dos” because they first experience a magical mountaintop Banff proposal!

With the serene, peaceful landscape and the atmosphere of adventure, Banff proposals are the perfect way to begin your very own adventure together. Lots of couples wander along picturesque lakeshores or hike through peaceful forests before finding the ideal spot to get down on one knee.

But why not go one step further, take a leaf out of Jordan’s book, and take to the skies?

Sweep your love off their feet with a Banff heli prosposal

You’ve got the ring, and you know exactly what to say, but there are lots of other things you can do to make the moment special!

Heli adventures in the Banff area one of the most memorable ways to start the greatest journey of your lives together.

Jordan booked a helicopter tour of the serene Canadian Rocky Mountains with Rockies Heli Canada and set about planning the perfect proposal.

Once Jordan and Jill boarded the heli, they were treated to aerial views of Banff National Park, soaring over the beautiful snowcapped mountains. Along for the ride was Banff photographer Lindsay Copeland of Twenty Twenty Photography, ready to capture it all!

The exhilaration only continued once the helicopter landed on clean white powder, the wilderness of Banff National Park stretching out below them. 

After taking a moment to drink in the awe-inspiring Rockies in all their glory, Jordan turned to Jill and asked her the burning question.

And he got exactly the answer he was looking for! The stunning backdrop of a Banff proposal like this one heightens all the emotions and excitement that come with taking that first step together towards walking down the aisle. The world seems to slow down on the Banff mountaintops, and it really felt as though it slowed down just for Jordan and Jill so they could take in every precious second of this amazing experience.

But the day wasn’t done yet! One of the best parts of the proposal is the giddy happiness that comes straight after, and Jordan had a few tricks up his sleeve to keep the celebration going.

Extending the Banff proposal experience

Ready and waiting in the heli were sets of snowshoes and trekking poles. So Jordan and Jill could take the opportunity to explore more of the mountainside together.

And have lots of laughs along the way!

And who could be anything but ecstatic when celebrating the moment with these views as your backdrop?

Ever prepared, Jordan broke out the bubbly to toast his and Jill’s relationship and this next step in their journey together. 

And even had beautiful chocolate cupcakes to go with the champagne toast! These gorgeous cupcakes are by Lucie’s Cakery. This lovely cakery offers sweets and treats that are made from scratch and baked to order.

The best part about a heli proposal in Banff is the peace and quiet the two of you have to enjoy this special moment together – no interruptions, and no distractions. Just a beautiful setting sun and your hand in theirs. 

An unforgettable day comes to a close

Tucked under a blanket on the ride back, the happiness these two shared was clear to see. And with these photos to remember the moment by, it’s a Banff proposal experience they’ll never forget!

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