How to Plan Your Adventure Engagement Session

Engagement sessions, like people, come in all different shapes and sizes and each couple have their own unique idea for what they should entail. For some people, a single photo of the proposal is all they dream of. While others like to take advantage of this exciting time and plan something a little more adventurous.

If you and your partner love nothing more than the great outdoors, a spectacular view, and spending the day discovering a new experience together, you should definitely consider an adventure engagement session.

What is an adventure engagement?

An adventure engagement usually involves getting to a remote spot to find a perfect and unique place to document your unique love story. Whether that’s by hiking or by helicopter, you’ll have an entire day together and beautiful images to remember this important milestone.

Adventure engagement sessions are popular because:

  • Lots of couples who are super active feel its a great reflection of them as a couple
  • You’ll find some of the most beautiful, secret spots with stunning backdrops to frame this special moment

Where is the best place for an adventure engagement?

The Canadian Rockies have become hugely popular for adventure proposals and engagement photos sessions. The mountains provide the perfect location for adventure shoots. You can soar over peaks, lakes, and green valleys before landing on a snowy mountaintop.

After a moment of taking in the breathtaking views together, you can use that perfect moment to propose to your love. The best part about adventure sessions is that it doesn’t end there!

Now you can spend some time together in the moment, and have some fun. Lots of couples bring snowshoes along so they can explore the mountainside together! You’ll be making incredible memories to remember for years to come.

Lots of people choose an adventure session because hiking and exploring is something they love to do together anyway. If this sounds like you and your partner, an adventure engagement session is the perfect way to celebrate this milestone. You can hike to a beautiful waterfall or a remote lake, bring a picnic, and soak up this special day in your own unique style.

Top Tips for Your Adventure Engagement Session

If you’re not the typical outdoorsy type but proposing on top of a mountain appeals to you, be sure to take some of these tips on board:

  • Wear the right clothes

Depending on the time of year, the Rocky Mountains can be pretty chilly! Pack for all eventualities and bring a bag in the helicopter with everything you’ll need. 

  • Plan your timing

If the engagement session is a surprise, make sure to pick your moment carefully and try to let your guide or transportation know what the plan is ahead of time so they can give you some privacy and let you enjoy the moment together.

  • Bring some bubbly

There’s nothing better than popping some champagne on top of a mountain! Come prepared with your favourite beverage so you can toast the moment in style.

  • Have something planned for later

Extend the experience with a lovely dinner or hotel booked for after your adventure. The Banff and Canmore region has plenty of incredible dining experiences and fabulous accommodation options for you to choose from. 

Finding Adventure Engagement Vendors

To make sure your adventure engagement session goes perfectly to plan, we recommend seeking out vendors who specialize in adventure sessions. The main considerations are choosing the person who helps you get there and a photographer who will capture the day with flawless execution.

Lindsay and Matt of our partner company, Rocky Mountain Photo Co. are an ideal adventure session photographer and videographer duo that would love to help guide and plan something special with you and your partner.

Your adventure guide/transport:

If you’re not familiar with the area (or you’re not confident hikers), it might be a good idea to hire a professional guide for the day. They’ll be able to keep you safe, show you secret spots, and make the adventure fun because you won’t have to worry about where you’re going! White Mountain Adventures is Banff’s premier guided outdoor adventure specialists and would be a good company to get into touch with to help guide your adventure engagement session.

For heli engagement sessions, there are several options in Banff and Canmore who can take you to the mountaintops. Rockies Heli Canada is a trusted company that offers private helicopter tours, including specific packages for heli weddings and engagements and works with Lindsay and Matt often.

Your adventure photographer:

Adventure engagement photo sessions are becoming more and more popular. Couples are keen to capture beautiful photographic memories of this incredible moment together. So it seems logical that if you’re proposing thousands of feet in the air, you’ll want a professional to capture the stunning backdrop of your adventure engagement!

Choose a photographer who loves nothing more than an adventure session. Many photographers from the Banff region are crazy about getting outdoors. They’re often experienced hikers, especially in the typical engagement spots. Plus, they call the mountains home, so they understand the terrain and how to capture it perfectly.

If you’re planning an adventure proposal (or if you’re already engaged but want to do an adventure engagement photoshoot), check out their website below. They’ll be so excited to help you plan and execute the perfect day!

All photographs featured are by Lindsay Copeland of Rocky Mountain Photo Co.



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