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Photographs are a beautiful way to capture special moments on your wedding day. But having a video allows you to truly live those moments time and time again. And when it comes to shooting wedding videos in the Rocky Mountains, you need a wedding videographer who can combine seamless indoor and outdoor shots to truly capture the magic of the whole day.

Your wedding videographer will likely be along for the ride for the duration of your big day. So you want someone who is relaxed, friendly, and who loves nothing more than to get behind the lens and commit your precious memories perfectly to film.

Ryan Armstrong is the creative force behind RD3 Productions, a videography company that provides amazing videos for weddings, elopements, and adventures in the Canadian Rockies. We’re so excited to welcome Ryan to the Rocky Mountain Wedding Collective family, so we had a chat to find out more about what RD3 Productions do, and how they do it.

Introducing RD3 Productions

Tell us a little about yourself! 

I grew up in Leduc, Alberta, just south of Edmonton. I went to university in Kelowna and majored in Accounting. Although I was never really passionate about accounting, it did allow me to live in 3 different countries, all on work visas. So I’ve lived in England, Scotland and New Zealand.

The first time I picked up a camera was during my move to Scotland aged 23. The Scottish Highlands provided me with a place to start taking photos. This eventually led to video and where I am today.

How did you get started in wedding videography?

I was gifted a camera by my sister and brother-in-law before leaving Canada and heading to the UK. What an amazing gift it turned out to be. 

I first developed a passion for landscape photography in the Scottish Highlands. A co-worker (Ian) always invited me on trips and, with his help, my skills and passion grew. I then began to create short videos as I wanted to tell more of a story, beyond a single image. This is where my love for video was born.

What services/packages do you offer?

I provide a wide variety of wedding-related videos including ceremony videos, speeches, first look, etc. But my specialty is creating cinematic stories that encapsulate a couple’s entire wedding day.

Where is your favourite spot to shoot wedding videos around Banff + Canmore?

I recently went on my first Heli Elopement with Rockies Heli Tours, and that would be extremely hard to beat. As beautiful as most of the popular locations are in Banff/Canmore, I prefer a short hike to a more secluded waterfall or view.

How would you describe your philosophy when it comes to shooting wedding videos and working with couples on the day?

I’m pretty relaxed with my filming style and I like to have a good time with the couple. Getting to know them beforehand always helps. Although I may ask for some posed shots, I prefer candid moments whenever possible. I really do my best to simply capture the day as it happens. Each wedding is unique so they tend to tell their own special story.

Ryan from RD3 Productions

Do wedding videography trends change over time? Are there certain shots, styles of music, or features that are more popular right now?

Wedding trends are always changing. But most weddings do follow similar schedules and include similar events throughout.

I am always learning as a filmmaker to stay up to date. Whether that’s ways to find unique angles for a more cinematic shot, or how to transition between clips during the editing process. Although everyone has their own taste, I find most couples still are looking for that timeless, romantic feel from the video so they can cherish it forever. 

What is one of the most frequently asked questions you hear from couples? 

Q: Both me and my fiance are getting ready at separate locations, but we only have hired one videographer. Is it possible to get shots of us both getting ready?

A: As long as the schedule permits, I can go between the couples getting ready locations to capture moments from both events. I am happy to do this as it helps me tell a better and more complete story.

What is the most important advice you would give to couples when it comes to their wedding video? 

Be sure to check out multiple videos to ensure you like the style of a prospective videographer. Pick a few favourites and then reach out. Give them a call, ask some questions and see who you connect with best – after all, they’ll be with you for most of your day.

Your videographer should be able to answer any questions you have or find out the answers quickly. Being a wedding videographer is complex. So you’ll want someone knowledgeable and with experience. From setting up audio recording, to working with photographers/DJs there are a lot of moving parts.

outdoor elopement shoot

When thinking back over your videography career, are there any particular moments that stand out to you?

I often get a laugh out of some of the audio recordings I playback when editing. Of course, everything is kept safe and confidential but often there is a raunchy joke or comment in there that I get a kick out of.

I have also made some really great friends in the couples I  have worked with. For example, I go fly-fishing with a groom from a past wedding I shot.

Anything else couples should know?

Honestly, I am just happy to answer any questions couples may have about wedding videos in general, even if they aren’t booking with me. It’s something I am passionate about, so I’m happy to help out wherever I can. 

What Ryan’s Clients Say:

Kimberly December 31, 2019 Wedding:

“I had been a bridesmaid in a wedding where RD3 productions was the videographer prior to our wedding. I was amazed at his talent, kindness and patience. When planning our wedding we were looking for quality and a reasonable price. Ryan was very reasonably priced and he had exceptional quality.

Ryan was able to capture the essence of our day beautifully. We did not make it easy on Ryan as our wedding was December 31, 2019, which made for chilly outdoor shots and limited day time light. Ryan easily handled this challenge and the end product was stunning. Not only is he talented but he was very fast at getting us a sneak peak video and the final product. I could not be happier with the end result and it will be such a special keepsake for years to come. Ryan is reliable, professional, talented, patient and super kind. I highly recommend RD3 Productions!!!”

Get in Touch with RD3 Productions:

Contact Ryan about your dream wedding video here.

Check out more of his incredible work on social media:
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