Achieving the Perfect Wedding Makeup: Advice from the Local Experts

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It’s hard to think of a day where looking your best feels more important than on your wedding day. Not only do you want to have that “Wow” factor when your beloved sees you, but the photos are going to last a lifetime. You deserve to feel beautiful when stepping down the aisle and standing in front of friends, family, and the camera. Your wedding makeup and the artist you’ll be getting ready with on the day are a big part of that!

But achieving the look you want takes a little more than just sitting in the makeup chair on the big day. It’s essential to select your ideal makeup artist, communicate with them effectively, and start maintaining a skincare routine long before the wedding day.

Luckily, we have some in-house wedding makeup experts here at the Rocky Mountain Wedding Collective to provide some pro tips and advice.  

Prep Time

It’s not a good idea to leave your wedding makeup to chance. All our beauty experts advised booking a trial with your makeup artist to make sure your visions align, and you’re getting the look you want. It’ll provide you with so much peace of mind on the morning of the wedding. 

Founder of Lilies & Lace Beauty Co., Jordanna, also recommends it because it gives you a chance to get to know your makeup artist. After all, they’ll be spending a good chunk of the morning hanging with you and the bridesmaids!

“Being able to have a bridal trial before the big day is really nice for the bride and us. It allows us time to chat about her vision and get to know her, the bridesmaids, and any family we’ll be meeting. It allows you to try out a few looks, or variations of looks, while not being in a time crunch. That way, you know for sure what THE look is for you.”

Priya from Beautymark Makeovers in Cochrane also had this pro tip for booking a trial:

“I recommend brides to come in earlier in the day to get their hair/makeup done for a trial, so they can see how it wears for a full day. I always follow up to see if they have any feedback. So I know how their hair/makeup wore throughout the day and if they developed any adverse reactions to the products I used.”

banff wedding make-up

Banff and Canmore Wedding Makeup: Lilies & Lace Beauty Co.
Wedding Photographer: Steven Wallace Photography

Facials and Skincare

Makeup works it’s magic best when it has a good base to work with. So, looking after your skin long before the big day arrives is a surefire way to make sure you’re looking and feeling your best.

Priya’s advice is to get your skincare routine down at least a year before the big day. 

“If you don’t have one already, visit a medispa or a facialist to recommend a skincare routine for you. Go for regular facials and be sure to cleanse and moisturize the skin the day before the wedding. This ensures your makeup sits/sets better on the skin and makes it look more radiant.”

That way, you’ve had time to work out what really makes your skin glow, because it’s not the same for everyone.

Jordanna advises being careful with your product choice and finding what works for you:

“Find a great routine and product line with cleanser, scrub, toner, moisturizer, etc. that works best for your skin type. Often the least ingredients listed in a product the better and most natural for your skin. The earlier you can start this before your big day, the better your skin will look.” 

wedding make-up for winter

Wedding Photographer Rocky Mountain Photo Co. | Banff wedding venue Buffalo Mountain Lodge | Banff Wedding Planner Signature Events by Ashley | Wedding Florals by Alpine Blooms | Banff Makeup and Hair by Beautymark Makeovers | Wedding Gown by Blush and Raven

Brows and Lashes

The lucky ones among us may never have had an eyebrow disaster. But those of us who have been there knowing how dramatically a mismanaged brow can impact your look. If you want fabulous brows and lashes for your wedding day, spend time finding a tried and tested artist who consistently delivers the results you want. 

Shannon Hinchelwood of Emerald Beauty Boutique provides expert brow and lash treatments in Canmore. If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to brow and lash treatments, Shannon recommends doing your research and avoiding deals that look too good to be true:

“Do your research before choosing a brow + eyelash tech! Great work ain’t cheap; cheap work ain’t great, so be wary of services at cheap prices.”

Shannon’s favourite treatments are volume lashes and brow lamination. But, when you’re going to a true professional, you’re far more likely to be satisfied with the results:

“Volume lashes and brow lamination create the most dramatic effects, and I love a bolder look! I also offer soft and subtle treatments for the low-maintenance babe. Any of my services would be an awesome choice. All have instant results immediately following the treatment. All make you feel beautiful and leave with a boost of confidence.”

bridal make up

Rocky Mountain Wedding Makeup: Beautymark Makeovers | Wedding Photography: Rocky Mountain Photo Co

The Timeless Natural Look

Some people just love a bold red lip, and some like to go a little more natural. Either way, our experts had some great advice on choosing your wedding day look. If you’re at a loss, your makeup artist will be able to help. They’ll look at elements like the shape of your face, hair colour, the overall aesthetic of your wedding design, and more to come up with some ideas you’ll love.

Priya says that, at Beautymark Makeovers, they like to put the bride and bridal party first and achieve looks that everyone is comfortable with:

“Makeup is all about highlighting your features, not hiding it! My aim is to always make people feel comfortable in their own skin. I look at each individual and customize their makeup. You want your look to enhance your best features and work with your natural beauty.”

However, Priya also warns that while it’s a good idea to bring some “inspo” photos, it’s important to understand what suits you:

“Have realistic expectations when it comes to your makeup looks. Often, when a bride shows me a picture of their inspiration for hair/makeup, I make sure to let them know if it is achievable based on their eye shape, face shape, skin texture, hair texture, etc. The look you want may not necessarily translate to what you see in the picture.” 

Woman with makeup done by Beautymark Makeovers smiling and looking down

Wedding Makeup: Beautymark Makeovers | Canmore Wedding Photographer Rocky Mountain Photo Co

Wedding Makeup Trends

When it comes to industry trends, our experts agreed that some things certainly come and go, but most brides want a more natural, classic makeup look. The last thing you want is to look back at your wedding photos in fifty years and wonder what you were thinking with that particular shade on your eyes or lips!

“Trends come and go, but a classic bridal look will always stay in style,” says Jordanna of Lilies & Lace, “We always tell our clients that you still want to look like yourself, just a bit more done up for photos.”

“I personally think overall looks don’t change for the actual makeup,” agrees Priya, “most brides want to have some version of a natural, glowing look that will last all day.” 

Recommended Products

Like all true makeup pros, our experts are total product junkies and had some great recommendations for brands to try out ahead of your big day.

If you’re looking for something to keep your eyes and lashes clean and healthy, Shannon recommends Lashbox’s Bubble Shampoo. It can be used as an everyday makeup remover and is perfect for use before the application of lashes.

Priya recommends Face Atelier foundations:

“It works really well for all skin types. My clients love it because it doesn’t feel heavy or look cakey, but it provides perfect coverage for a smooth base that lasts all day.”

Jordanna loves trying it all and says her team is constantly sampling new products to add to their carefully curated kits:

“For makeup, I personally like Urban Decay, Lancome, Smashbox, Nars, Charlotte Tilbury, Stila, Bobby brown, Mac, Tarte… the list can go on and on. Makeup has really evolved over the last few years!”

winter wedding make-up

Photography by Rocky Mountain Photo Co. | Styling & Design by Moments by Madeleine | Florals by Flowers by Janie | Videography by Castano Media | Hair Styling by Lilies & Lace | Rentals from Modern Luxe | Bridal gown by Blush & Raven | Jewelry by Joanna Bisley Designs

Parting Words

Whatever vision you have for your wedding makeup the most important takeaways are to look after your skin long before the big day, book a trial with your makeup artist, and choose a look that feels comfortable to you and true to your natural beauty.

Jordanna also offered this sage advice to make sure you feel at your most beautiful on your wedding day: 

“This is YOUR day. Not your mom’s, sister’s, aunties, etc. As with planning your wedding, make choices that make you happy regarding your hair and makeup. Try not to focus on anyone else.”

Feature Photo:
Wedding Photographer: Rocky Mountain Photo Co. | Banff wedding venue: Buffalo Mountain Lodge | Banff Wedding Planner Signature Events by Ashley | Wedding Florals by Alpine Blooms | Banff Makeup and Hair by Beautymark Makeovers | Wedding Gown by Blush and Raven



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