Vendor Spotlight: Atmospheric Wedding Music by Andrew Ibanez

andrew ibanez

Planning a wedding is not complete until you design your once-in-a-lifetime special playlist. Music not only creates a loving warm atmosphere but also makes us laugh, cry, and create memories that will last a lifetime.  You’ll get that and more with the incomparable Andrew Ibanez.

Andrew Ibanez is an experienced, talented, and trained musician whose creativity and connection to all his wedding playlist designs come through in his playing. So, he knows how to deliver not only a pitch-perfect tune but also the importance of creating a special warm, and loving atmosphere. 

So, if you’re looking for modern or traditional themes or something unique to you, Andrew is your man. Andrew is highly experienced and has played in most major venues across Alberta. He comes highly recommended by clients and venues alike. 

Introducing the Musical Stylings of Andrew Ibanez

Tell us a little about yourself!

I’m originally from Ottawa, Ontario but I moved out to the Bow Valley over 25 years ago. I studied music at Humber College, Toronto. And my beautiful family loves the great outdoors and regularly hike, camp, and fish in the mountains. 

How did you get started in wedding music?

Originally, a few close friends asked me to play music for their big day. These requests quickly turned into more requests and the rest is history.  

andrew playing guitar

What wedding services/packages do you offer?

I offer a wide variety of both indoor and outdoor wedding and elopement packages. In addition to working ceremonies, I also play for cocktail receptions and dinner parties.

Do trends in wedding music change a lot? If yes, in what way?

Music trends do change and tend to lean towards more modern music but everyone is different and couples still enjoy some traditional music also. (Canon in D)

What makes wedding music so fun is that every couple is different. Song choice does tend to trend to the more modern but there’s definitely a niche for more traditional themes. 

What are the common requests you hear from couples or their guests?

Favorite pop or country songs particularly for aisle walks are the most common requests. 

outdoor wedding music banff

How would you describe your philosophy when it comes to working with couples to organize their wedding music?

I love collaborating with couples to pick the perfect playlist that suits their particular tastes and wedding theme. This can range from a more modern tone to a more traditional feel. 

Do you have a favorite genre/piece that you think works particularly well for weddings?

I enjoy playing some of the Beatles arrangements that I do. 

What are the most frequent questions you hear from couples?

Outdoor weddings tend to throw up the most questions. But I often reassure couples that everyone will hear me as the bride walks down the aisle, as I come prepared with a battery-powered speaker for my guitar.  Another common question is about outdoor weddings in the colder months. Unfortunately, there are limits to performing indoors in winter as my guitar and fingers do not work well in the cold. I tend to limit my outdoor performances to between April and early October. 

andrew ibanez

What is the most important advice you would give to couples when it comes to their wedding music? 

My number one piece of advice is to choose a song that has a special meaning to the couple. My second piece of advice is to make sure that song can be suitably placed into the ceremony.   

Are you open to learning any new music that couples might request for their wedding? 

Absolutely, I try to accommodate any requests on the basis that they can be played as a solo guitar piece. 

What positive feedback do you hear most frequently from couples after their wedding?

The most common piece of feedback I get is that the live guitar music gave a beautiful ambiance to the ceremony or that a particular song was played beautifully. 

banff wedding guitarist

Is there anything else you would like couples to know?

Couples can be assured they will receive professional, reliable, and quality musicianship from me! 

Get in touch with Andrew:

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