A Beautiful Rockies Wedding in Banff | Ryan + Kirsten

When New York couple Ryan and Kirsten decided to tie the knot, they envisioned a wedding that combined their love for each other with their passion for breathtaking landscapes. They found the perfect setting in Banff, Canada, where the majestic Rockies provided an awe-inspiring backdrop for their special day. Traveling with their closest friends and family, Ryan and Kirsten exchanged vows amidst towering peaks, lush valleys, and pristine lakes, creating memories that would last a lifetime. From the joyous preparations at the Malcolm Hotel to the intimate ceremony and vibrant reception, their wedding was a celebration of love, nature, and togetherness.

Photo Credit: Carey Nash Photography

Getting Ready / Morning

Ryan and Kirsten, a dynamic couple from New York, began their wedding day in the stunning surroundings of Banff, Canada. The crisp mountain air and the tranquil beauty of the Rockies set the perfect tone for their special day. They prepared for the big moment at the luxurious Malcolm Hotel in Canmore, where the staff treated them and their guests like rock stars.

The morning was filled with excitement and anticipation. Kirsten, surrounded by her closest friends, got ready in a spacious suite with breathtaking views of the mountains. Her dress, a delicate lace creation, hung elegantly as she had her hair and makeup done. Ryan, in a separate room, shared laughs and memories with his groomsmen as they helped him into his tailored suit. The atmosphere was electric, and the love and support from their friends and family were palpable.

Ceremony / Family

The ceremony took place in a picturesque outdoor setting, with the iconic peaks of Banff serving as a magnificent backdrop. The sun shone brightly, casting a golden glow over the assembled guests. Ryan and Kirsten exchanged their vows in a heartfelt ceremony that highlighted their deep connection and shared journey.

Family played a central role in the ceremony. Ryan and Kirsten’s parents stood proudly by their sides, and their siblings took part in readings and blessings. The intimate gathering, filled with close friends and loved ones, created an atmosphere of warmth and unity. As they said their “I do’s,” there wasn’t a dry eye in the audience.


Following the ceremony, the newlyweds ventured into the scenic landscapes of Banff and Canmore for their portraits. The stunning surroundings provided countless opportunities for breathtaking shots. From the serene waters of Lake Louise to the rugged beauty of Moraine Lake, every location added a unique touch to their wedding album.

The couple’s photographer, chosen for their expertise in capturing the beauty of the Rockies, worked magic with the camera. Kirsten’s veil flowed in the breeze as she and Ryan shared intimate moments, their love beautifully framed by the natural splendor around them. The vibrant colors of the landscape, combined with the couple’s joyful expressions, made for a collection of unforgettable images.

Reception and Venue

They held the reception at the Malcolm Hotel, a venue known for its blend of luxury and comfort. The team elegantly decorated the space, reflecting Ryan and Kirsten’s style and the natural beauty of their surroundings. Guests enjoyed a gourmet meal featuring local delicacies and fine wines.

One of the highlights of the evening was the epic champagne tower. As the sun set over the mountains, Ryan and Kirsten poured the bubbly, celebrating their new life together. The night was filled with laughter, dancing, and heartfelt toasts. The couple’s first dance, set against the backdrop of the twinkling lights of the hotel and the stars above, was a moment of pure romance.

A special thanks goes out to Kristen at Rocky Mountain Weddings for orchestrating a flawless day. Her attention to detail and dedication ensured that every aspect of the wedding was perfect. The staff at the Malcolm Hotel also deserve praise for their exceptional service, making everyone feel like royalty.

Ryan and Kirsten’s wedding in Banff was a beautiful blend of love, nature, and celebration. The memories of this day, set against the stunning Rockies, will be cherished by all who attended.

A Journey to Remember

The journey to Banff and Canmore was more than just a trip for Ryan and Kirsten; it was a journey into the heart of their love story. The stunning landscapes provided the perfect backdrop for their union, making every moment of their wedding day unforgettable.

The Perfect Ending

As the night drew to a close, Ryan and Kirsten took a moment to step outside and soak in the beauty of the star-lit Rockies. Holding hands, they reflected on their magical day and the new chapter they were about to embark on. The love and joy they felt were reflected in the smiles of their guests, who danced the night away under the vast, open sky.

Ryan and Kirsten’s wedding was a perfect blend of elegance, nature, and heartfelt moments. Their choice to celebrate their love in Banff and Canmore, coupled with the exceptional planning and support from Rocky Mountain Weddings and the Malcolm Hotel, made for a truly unforgettable experience. For couples dreaming of a wedding amidst the majestic Rockies, Ryan and Kirsten’s story is a testament to the magic and beauty that await.

To plan your own dream wedding in the Rockies, contact Rocky Mountain Weddings & Events. They will help you create a perfect day that you and your guests will remember forever.



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